Mamoris helmet chair

If you ever find yourself in a severe earthquake, the first thing on your mind will probably be seeking protection. The Mamoris chair from design studios Znug Design and Poplife has you covered – literally.

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The chair is not the most attractive piece of furniture you could have in your home. In fact, it looks a bit like a toilet. But perhaps its usefulness outweighs its unattractiveness.

When you feel tremors beginning, you just twist a dial in the seat that detaches the hardhat. The hat part, which previously sat beneath the chair, comes off and is attached to the chair’s backrest, which now becomes a protective shield for your upper back.

Mamoris earthquake chair


■ Don’t need storage space: It is not necessary to prepare new storage space by setting the helmet under the seat. And you can use the helmet immediately when a disaster such as earthquake occurs.

■ Prepare for disasters naturally in the daily life: You can have peace of mind in the daily life by using ‘mamoris’ that isn’t looked like disaster prevention product and satisfies not only functional but also design.

■ Wide protection: The emergency helmet has been integrated into the back of a chair. It can cover not only the head but also the neck and back area when evacuees bend forward to escape.

■ Easy-to-handle: Anyone can use ‘mamoris’ easily in a series of actions of ‘turn’, ‘detach’ and “wear”.”

Mamoris how to use

Although the Mamoris certainly wouldn’t be useful everywhere, it could prove a valuable piece of multi-functional furniture in Japan, a country prone to serious earthquakes. In fact, some companies have begun incorporating it into their offices and other public spaces.

This isn’t just a concept. You can actually buy this helmet and chair in one. Check out the Mamoris website for purchasing options, or get it at the Japan Trend Shop.