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A two-story courtyard featuring an oculus for six willow trees, surrounded by a peaceful reflecting pool on the upper level, provides a sense of separation between the homes of a retired couple and one of their adult children. Located in Singapore, the Wall House by FARM is technically one residence with two separate, self-contained ‘blocks’ of living space linked at the living and dining areas by a granite patio.

The upper levels of both volumes are planted with grass, flowers and small trees, providing a sunny spot to relax, while the lower level of the courtyard stays cool and shady. While the balconies and terraces off the bedrooms of the top floors face each other, they remain separated.

The lower courtyard is a communal dining space leading to a shared library, and the separate living and dining spaces, kitchens and guest rooms of each home. One unit features an additional study with its own private living room, and the other has a gym.

The green roofs, a number of water features and lots of wood and stone give the homes a feeling of connection with nature despite the city setting. Throughout the private spaces on the bottom floor, narrow courtyards open to the sky above placed beside expanses of glass let natural light flood in.