Imagine growing enough greens and veggies for you and your family to fit your daily needs – in a corner of your apartment. All the kale and herbs and melons you need. A whole tower of kale, if you so desire! The Nutritower makes it possible.

Urban and vertical farming have been gaining steam around the globe as of late. They could be a potential key factor in feeding our planet’s exploding population. But let’s just think of you and your veggie-growing kitchen for a moment. The NutriTower is an ingenuous indoor gardening system. The vertical hydroponic constellation allows you to grow fresh food right in your home. Size-wise, it comes in at just three square feet and a bit over seven feet tall. It can hold 48 pots! Its height is the key factor in producing enough food to yield a decent harvest every single day of the year. Built-in lighting permits you to grow anywhere in your house, regardless of light conditions.

The vertical system allows you to customize what you’d like to grow, including fruit and veggies such as tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, all kinds of fresh herbs and lettuce, as well as sturdy greens like kale and Swiss chard. Maintenance is rather minimal. The concept was designed by Bryce Nagels in Montreal, Canada, where folks deal with long winters. Besides the shortage of daylight for a long period of the year, Nagels was also concerned with limited space, since many of us live in urban areas in small condos and apartments.

The NutriTower arrives with a seedling starter kit featuring seeds, a three-month supply of plant nutrient formula, light bulbs, pump and timers. This indoor gardening system started as a Kickstarter campaign and received help from It will be available as of December 1, 2015, but it can be pre-ordered now.

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