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No really: where? Photography is a fascinating art form. In its basic form, it purports to represent reality … but even in black and white some unaltered photographs are more surreal than even the most colorfully abstract of artworks.

photos of strange locations

Michel Rajkovic does not pretend the photos from his “Nowhere” series are a reflection of reality as it is. If anything, his images show our built environment as many of us have never seen it – a hyperbole of reality, ordinary places made abnormal by his unique perspective, strange site selections and long film exposures.

photos abandoned places

Most of the work that goes into his long-exposure photographs is in the selection of a subject and the setup of the shot – like the unsung pencil work before a painting.

photos abandoned eerie b w

His pieces often depict a combination of built and natural environments, organic materials, settings and landscapes juxtaposed with man-made structures, objects and paths.

photos strange environment

Sometimes he sticks to strictly natural elements but even then he finds patterns in the noise of nature, straight lines of rocks on smooth and crisp watery surfaces.