quicksnap ice cube tray how it works

New does not always mean better, but a clever twist can transform a classic object into an impressive innovation. Any good designer will tell you that some of the best ideas are those that are right under our noses – solutions to problems so commonplace we have come to accept them as facts of life rather than things we could easily change. In this case, a built-in release lever turns an everyday hassle into a cool new experience.

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quicksnap ice cube tray

We all know the bending-and-twisting gesture that comes with using most ice cube trays – from smooth silicone large-cube containers to the mini metal ones. Instead of turning your ice cubes into fun shapes, one designer skipped the novelty approach and took a closer look at how the whole system works in the first place.

Who can count the number of times too many cubes haven fallen out and perhaps even scattered on the floor when we just wanted one or two? This system also allows you to select not only how much but which ice cubes will actually come out, saving on mess as well as waste. A simple but brilliant design idea from Joseph Joseph.

quicksnap ice cube tray lid

“This clever ice cube tray uses a switch mechanism to store and release your ice cubes and comes with a lid to stop any spillages in the freezer.

  • Conveniently release just one ice cube at a time
  • Simply twist tray to loosen cubes then push each switch individually
  • Stackable lid helps prevent water spill and tainting from freezer odours
  • Large 14 cube capacity”

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