Rub your eyes and take a second look: these are no fakes, much as they may look like abstract drawings of vases.

Discarded plastic black-and-white cut-offs are air-welded together with black or white welds, shaped together to make unique pieces that play tricks on the mind (particularly against a blank white background).

Phil Cuttance (photos by Petr Krejci)?has tested the same technique with tables and chairs, but somehow the three sizes of vase are the most convincing creations. ?Still not sure you believe these are real? Seeing the work-in-progress photos showing the process step by step might really help:

Hand-assembled and with rough and variable weld joints, these objects look like they were created in Photoshop – or perhaps SketchUp, where you can intentionally set a black-and-white color scheme as well as a ‘loose drawing’ look.