is now offering the Lisa Frank Flat, an apartment decked from head to toe with lovable characters, wild patterns, and as many rainbows as you can imagine. The company boasts that from the moment you walk into the penthouse, you’ll feel “like you’ve been transported directly into a scene from one of Lisa Frank’s iconic notebooks from your childhood.” While this is quite an ambitious claim, we can assure you that this room does not disappoint.

If you were a kid growing up in the 90s, had a kid growing up in the 90s, or even walked into a Target school supplies section during that time period, you’re probably already familiar with Lisa Frank’s work. If you were living under a rock and haven’t heard of her, don’t worry, we’ve got the inside scoop for you.

Frank’s designs feature highly stylized animals, bright neon colors, and rainbow patterns. Her products are marketed mainly towards children, including folders, lunchboxes, stickers, and posters. The products gained huge popularity in the 1980s because they were unique, exciting, and just all around fun. Her work quickly became so iconic that you couldn’t enter an elementary school classroom without encountering a kitten with enchanting rainbow wings or a technicolor dolphin swimming above a mass of neon coral.

This penthouse flat, located in downtown Los Angeles, has everything a pre-teen girl (or an adult woman wracked with nostalgia for simpler times) could dream of. The bedspread is all rainbows and unicorns — literally. The bed is stacked with cloud-shaped pillows and sits within a neon pink bed frame. It’s also topped with a white, gauzy, light-up canopy to complete the extraordinary aesthetic.

When you finally pull your eyes away from the bed, you see rainbows everywhere. The curtains are beautifully technicolor and open to windows of rainbow hues. You enter the kitchen and are instantly confronted with a bold rainbow pillar. The cabinets? Also rainbow, but with tiger stripes and filled with stuffed animals. Even the dishtowels are an homage to ROYGBIV. If this feast for your eyes is not enough, the kitchen is stocked with a complimentary mini bar of sugary treats, including Pixy Stix, Pop-Tarts, and Fun Dip.

Lastly, the flat offers a magical underwater-themed bathroom. A roomy shower and tub gives you the opportunity to bathe among intertwined dolphins, colorful coral, and fish blowing heart bubbles. Every detail is stylized, from the bright pink bathrobe to the fish scale bath mat. Your toilet paper roll is even handed to you by a playful, friendly dolphin.

It wouldn’t be a Lisa Frank Flat if it didn’t include writing supplies. The room offers colorful pens, bright stickers, and iconic Lisa Frank stationary. And what’s the point of going on vacation if you can’t send your friends well wishes on brightly-colored leopard print paper?

Unfortunately for all the Lisa Frank lovers, the flat was only open for two weeks and completely sold out in the very first hour. Sorry 90s babies, but for now it looks like you’ll just have to keep the decade alive by watching Friends and wearing crop tops.