no place like home wizard of oz house replica

Some 75 years ago, a humble white house was picked up in Kansas by a twister and dumped in the middle of a magical land, killing an evil witch upon its landing. This little tidbit of movie history is, of course, from The Wizard of Oz. A group of 15 artists paid homage to the iconic film created a life-size version of that house in just 24 hours.

materials resisting entropy no place like home

The piece is called Resisting Entropy: There’s No Place Like Home. It is part of the Farnsworth Museum’s salute to the Hollywood classic. But maybe even more interesting than the piece itself is the story behind it. Jared Cowan, co-owner of Asymmetrick Art Gallery, gathered a ton of supplies and a 15-person crew, then locked everyone into a warehouse for 24 hours to pull off the quirky sculpture.

resisting entropy no place like home

Using their talents as sculptors, artists, painters, and architects, the team worked straight through to build the sculpture. It’s made entirely of scrap materials amassed over the course of a week. Cowan set the 24-hour time limit to ensure that the project would get done in an intuitive sort of way, with each artist knowing what they had to do and doing it quickly without taking time to second-guess their decisions.

Lights were added to each of the rooms, providing a lovely dollhouse-like glow to the little ramshackle house. The house breaks down into 6X6X4  food units for easy disassembly, moving, and reassembly.