night house

Like something out of a storybook, an ordinary suburban house seems to merge with the starry sky, its exterior transformed in blue-purple gradients dotted with constellations. ‘Night House’ by Kate McQuillen was created for Terrain Biennial, a large-scale exhibition in Chicago and other cities scattering art installations in residential areas.

night house 2

While many of the projects created for the event consist of smaller items like mailboxes and lawn accessories in a sort of scavenger hunt, Night House makes a big impact with surprisingly little effort.

night house 3

The home on Highland Avenue gets a whole new look with the application of printed styrene panels, mounted right onto the painted exterior. This image of the night sky is illuminated with lamps at night for a dramatic and eye-catching effect.

night house 4

While this installation is only temporary, the styrene panels held in place with removable adhesive, it’s an intriguing idea for an artistic house exterior that makes us wonder why more homeowners don’t get a little more creative with their color schemes.