Every good cook knows that keeping your knives sharp is essential for kitchen safety and top-notch cooking. It can be hard to remember to hone those knives before every use, though.


The Slice & Sharpen cutting board from Joseph Joseph integrates a ceramic sharpener right into the cutting board, reminding you to hone your blades every time you slice, dice, and chop.


To use the sharpener, you just turn the cutting board on its side. A handy non-slip rubber edge keeps the cutting board in place as you sharpen your knives.


The surface of the cutting board is meant to be gentle on the knives’ sharp edges so they don’t need sharpening as often. If you’re the type of cook who likes to keep a knife sharpener in the drawer, this combo gadget is a great way to clear up at least a little drawer clutter for $13 (US).