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Ever knock of the clock, or at spill a glass when reaching for one in the morning? Instead of situating your bedside shelving next to where you sleep, this frame features a reach-around storage space tucked safely away from sleepy limbs.

The German group Vitamin Design made a few simple moves to create this variation, but mainly: pulling the headboard forward and extending it to the floor as a form of support, then employing typically-Germanic attention to materials (100% wood) and details (clean and elegant).

While the ledge is not exactly made to support greenery as depicted in their rather fanciful splash image, this award-winning bed could certainly serve as useful nighttime storage for everything from wallets, purses and keys to books and shoes – something few side tables can boast. While finely designed and high in quality, their other furniture (tables, desks, chairs and so forth) simply don’t have the same clever twist that makes this frame so neat and unique.