somnia bed vitamin design hidden storage

Ever knock off the clock, or at spill a glass when reaching for one in the morning? Instead of situating your bedside shelving next to where you sleep, this frame features a reach-around storage space tucked safely away from sleepy limbs.

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somnia bed vitamin design

The German group Vitamin Design made a few simple moves to create this variation, but mainly: pulling the headboard forward and extending it to the floor as a form of support, then employing typically-Germanic attention to materials (100% wood) and details (clean and elegant).

somnia bed vitamin design wooden

With its hidden compartments, this award-winning bed could certainly serve as useful nighttime storage for everything from wallets, purses and keys to books and shoes – something few side tables can boast. While finely designed and high in quality, their other furniture (tables, desks, chairs and so forth) simply don’t have the same clever twist that makes this frame so neat and unique.

somnia bed vitamin design back side

“The extra long bed frame and the ingeniously positioned headboard of the seemingly floating dream site. Thanks to its inclined position it is very comfortable if you want to read or watch TV in bed. But at the same time an additional surface is created behind the headboard which serves as a useful shelf for important things such as books, reading glasses and snuggle blanket. Configure your own personal designer bed or custom made to your specifications. Available in natural treated solid wood: ash, beech, core beech, cherry, maple, oak, knotty oak, walnut, knotty walnut.”

somnia bed vitamin design headboard storage

“SOMNIA is the Latin word for dream and perfectly matches the recliner with the creative headboard. In the SOMNIA bed – as in all other beds from vitamin design – health, design and material make a successful connection.”

About Vitamin Design:

“vitamin  design  team designs and produces  solid  wood  furniture  with  that  certain  something. G. Grabliauskas, the company’s founder and designer, works very close with his team and has a long-standing experience and knowledge to develop a wide range of demanding solid wood furniture. Thanks to their up-to-date design the prospective classics from vitamin design are subtly presented based on ecological requirements and timeless modernity. Based on in-house and on close cooperation with selected manufacturers, vitamin design ensures his high performance and quality standards. Therefore the focus lies on flexibility, clear design and enhanced functionalities.”