If you love New York but can’t visit as much as you’d like, you may want to use your decor to satisfy your craving for the city. For $4,000, you can now have a perfect view of the entire Big Apple in your home — while supplies last, of course.

The New York City Carpet

The Artist and Studio

Ollie de Wit is a master of several mediums, including graphic design, packaging, and photography. The Cape Town-based artist freelances as a Senior Designer for Shift Perspective, a South African minimalist furniture company. He’s also the creator of a 3D carpet of New York City, Shift Perspective’s newest and perhaps most fascinating piece to date.

The Inspiration

De Wit was captivated not just by New York’s unmatched diversity of boroughs, skyscrapers, and parks, but also by the richness and wonder of its visual components. His goal of using the landscape to create a bas-relief carpet was a smashing success. “The New York City Carpet maps out almost every street, park, concrete area, and waterway of this busy metropolis,” De Wit says. “The bottom part of the carpet includes the southern tip of the Manhattan Island, while the top features the famous Central Park seen in so many movies.”

The New York City Carpet New York City Decor

He used an assortment of pile heights to give the carpet depth, working in such minute details as light shining on specific angles, resulting in the tallest piles casting shadows down on the shorter ones. He explains: “The lowest pile height features the blue waterways and the black streets. The medium pile height indicates the gray paved and building areas with light green lawns. The tallest pile heights feature the dark green treetops found in parks.”

The Specs

New York City

A simple design of New York City on a carpet probably wouldn’t be enough to make news in and of itself, but its 3D aesthetic and the precision of its scale are what really put it on the map. The special homage to the Big Apple is 100-percent wool, comprised of four different colors, and measures six-and-a-half-feet wide by about 20 feet tall (i.e. two meters by three meters). A single inch of carpet represents 50 feet of the actual city, which brings One World Trade Center to around five inches in height.

The Details

In total, the rug recreates eight miles of New York City, stretching from Battery Park to 112th Street in Manhattan. The grid also includes famous adjacent boroughs like Brooklyn, Queens, Roosevelt, and Randall’s Island, as well as Jersey City and Hoboken, New Jersey. Nearly every bridge, street, and park in the city is depicted on the grid, with the world-famous Central Park receiving the most attention to detail.

The New York City Carpet

A 3D rug of New York City is the perfect gift for fans of the grand metropolis and could make a grand focal point in any home as a wall hanging of the most stunning design. On top of all that, it would also make a great educational addition to a child’s room. Whatever your plans for this unique geographical work of art are, you’ll want to order one now on Shift Perspective’s website, as only 25 are available.