Bill Hudnut Ceramics

How can you combine the precision of mathematics with the sensitive expression of undulating organic form? Well New York-based ceramicist and designer Bill Hudnut has cracked it – though happily, not literally.

Bill Hudnut Ceramics

His collection of vessels is compelling, tactile and beautiful – it’s all about the form.

Taken from the home page of his website –

“form n. The shape and structure of something. v. 1. To give form to : SHAPE. 2. To shape or mold into a given form. 3. To become formed or shaped. 4. To come into being : ARISE.”

Bill Hudnut ceramics

A trio of Bill Hudnut ‘Pods’

The result? Pots (and ‘pods’) with real Wow! appeal. Ceramics can be the perfect expression of symmetry, art and inspiration: Hudnot’s vases and objets d’art have that elusive and highly desirable quality of simplicity, married with profound inspiration. Are they non-prickly cacti? Are they earthbound sea urchins?

Bill Hudnut Ceramics

‘Scalloped Spiral’ Vase

Bill Hudnut knows all about mathematics as applied to form – his personal take on fabulous geometric 3D shapes has been inspired by his educational background.

“I have a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Princeton University and a master’s degree in Finance from New York University.  During my architectural studies, balance, symmetry, and attention to form became primary design themes, and the resulting structures were meticulously re-created in elaborate three dimensional models.” — Bill Hudnut

Bill Hudnut Ceramics

‘Metallic Pod’ Vessel

You can display them around your home as an art statement – each one has its own beauty – though if you have the cash and the inclination, they look even better in groups or pairs.

Bill Hudnut ceramics in Douglas Durkin Apartment

In 2015, a selection of Hudnut’s ceramics were seen to grace the  New York pied-a-terre apartment of his friend, designer Douglas Durkin,  in an Elle Decor magazine feature (pictured above).

Bill Hudnut ceramics

Precise, yet fragile and delicately wrought vessel by Bill Hudnut

Hudnut built on his architectural background to develop intricate yet solid works of art:

”This foundation, along with the analytic and quantitative skills developed during my graduate studies, are combined in my ceramics and design philosophy:  to create intricate hand-built structures, to focus on form and shape, and to use a systematic approach with similar and repeating elements.” Bill Hudnut

Blue Spiral Vase by Bill Hudnut

‘Blue Spiral’ Vase

Vases twist and turn, there is movement and dynamism in their forms. Handmade from clay, this lumpen material in such sensitive hands becomes lyrical, lovely. Hudnut’s ceramics replicate the undulations of living, natural forms.

Bill Hudnut Ceramics

Hudnut’s ‘Silky Blue’ Vessel

When your hand constructed and meticulously crafted artworks grace the homes of the designers, the artists and the beautiful people – or at least the people who know beauty when they see it, you will know you have arrived.

Bill Hudnut Ceramics

‘Rippled Vessel’

Bill Hudnut’s ceramics elegantly cross the line between functionality and pure artistic expression. You can stick flowers (or solitary blooms) in his pods, vessels and vases. Or you can leave them be – to just be beautiful. From above, his ‘Rippled Vessel’ is as breathtaking as any flower – and it won’t wilt in the morning.

“The end result is the intersection of mathematical precision and organic expression, whereby a block of clay is transformed into an object of art.” — Bill Hudnut.