The Cabin Treehotel Sweden hanging guest room

Not to be outdone by the Mirror Cube or Bird’s Nest, this latest lofted tree hotel room in Sweden seems to shoot through its forest surroundings – a suspended steel bullet in the sky. “The Cabin” is a 24-square-meter guest room at the Treehotel ideal for two people.

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The Cabin Treehotel Sweden

Unlike its cousins, the means of support are attached at the top, with the cabin hanging from tree-connected steel beams. Likewise, an upper bridge leads to an entryway on the same level as the roof deck, with occupied spaces sitting below.

The Cabin Treehotel Sweden living room view

Inside, the living room faces a fantastic view down the steep slope and up the next rise, while the bedroom behind likewise looks out on the forest surroundings but without being visible from the ground below. Long windows along each side provide nearly 360-degree perspectives on what lies on all sides.

The Cabin Treehotel Sweden modern treehouse

With little space there is insight is naturally given over toe must-have functions and a modest community space – the roof-topping terrace on this modern treehouse provides supplemental square footage for outdoor dining and stargazing on a nice night.

The Cabin Treehotel Sweden bedroom

“The Cabin is one of our most romantic rooms. This double room is shaped like a capsule, on view amongst the trees as you walk up the trail from our main building. Its location has been chosen so as to create a platform at the top of a steep slope overlooking the Lule River valley. As a guest, this gives you a majestic view from the room and also a remarkable entrance. A long bridge leads up from ground level, to a door seemingly hovering in mid-air.”

“Behind the door lie the stairs down to the room and a balcony with seating. Over the years, this is a place that many happy couples have chosen for proposals and even wedding vows. The room hangs in a slightly askew way, underneath the deck. This is done partially to minimize its volume but also to give the room its very own character. Inside the room, the bed is placed at the centre and there are large windows offering a high-altitude view of the forest and the river. By the windows, you will find comfortable seating.”