When you just need a place to get some sleep and take a shower, paying for a whole hotel room can seem like a waste of both space and money. This is especially true when you’re traveling solo, only have a few hours to sleep, or your design and cleanliness standards render most lower-budget options unworkable. On the other hand, rooms (if you can call them that) at the capsule hotels traditionally found in Japan can be small to the point of absurdity, even coffin-like. However, there’s a balance to be struck between wastefulness and claustrophobia.

That balance is currently on display at Bed and Boarding (nicknamed BenBo) in Naples, Italy. Located in the city’s Capodichino International Airport, this new “fast and cheap” lodging option boasts a set of ultra-compact private rooms that measure just 43 square feet in size. Despite their tiny proportions, these rooms still provide guests with the comfort of being able to stand up and move around. In total, 42 compartments are available at the hotel, which is open for check-in seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

BenBo is the first hotel in Italy that allows travelers to sleep inside of an airport and costs just 25 Euros, or around $28 dollars, for a nine-hour night. Those who require less time can choose to pay 8 for the first hour and 7 for each additional hour. Each capsule includes a bed, luggage stall, television, and fold-down desk surface for eating and working. The TV is conveniently equipped with a special channel for checking flight statuses — a useful feature for anyone with an early departure time.

Guests also have access to some amenities that you’d only expect to find in larger hotels, such as soundproof walls, automatic doors, a shoe rack, a complimentary courtesy kit, free Wi-Fi, and access to a hall full of private bathrooms with showers. The beds are firm and comfortable Brera models, and the pillows were designed to be “highly resistant, long-lasting, anatomically supportive, and crush-proof,” which is more than you can say for most hotel pillows.

The hotel itself is pretty cute, too. The exterior of each pod has been colorfully painted and set inside of a larger space to create an ultramodern look. BenBo is full of plants, flooded with natural daylight from the airport windows just beyond its glass wall, and displays a living citrus tree in its common area, where guests can sit down and work on their laptops or just enjoy a cup of coffee.

All in all, Bed and Boarding offers an incredible deal that can’t be beat in terms of cost-effectiveness. Hourly room rentals are great for travelers who just want to shower or take a nap, especially those on a layover or experiencing unexpected flight delays. Who wants to sleep on an airport floor, anyway? Considering the amount of money they could make, it’s a wonder that more airports don’t already have similar accommodations in place. However, now that BenBo has set an example, perhaps this idea will blossom into an international trend.