The gorgeous rolling hills of rural West Marin, California are home to an expansive family ranch. On this land, Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects created the West Marin Ranch house, a sprawling home with space for plenty of company.
The compound is made up of a cluster of buildings around a central courtyard. From this courtyard, residents and visitors are treated to a spectacular view of Mount Tamalpais.
In the courtyard, the strong winds are blocked by the surrounding buildings. This makes it the perfect spot to take a swim in the plunge pool or relax in the hot tub. It’s also a lovely sunny area for an outdoor family meal.
Inside the main building is a large space that houses living, dining, and kitchen facilities. The interior is large enough to comfortably host 16 people, and the numerous bedrooms and bunkrooms make it possible for the whole family to sleep over.
The home was designed to be a net-zero energy building. A remote photovoltaic array supplies the home with its power, while radiant heat and passive cooling reduce the home’s energy consumption needs.

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The use of reclaimed materials, high thermal resistance insulation, and a rainwater capture system for toilet flushing make this home not only pleasing to the senses, but easy on the planet as well.