Balanced Plywood Chair

Sometimes you need a footrest or side table, but other times you just want to tuck them away without having to take up other storage space. Hence this refreshingly legible, easily-transformable plywood chair nesting two ottomans inside itself, with the minimalist birch shapes slotting into one another like life-sized children’s toys.

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Balanced Plywood Chair with ottoman

For a bit of added aesthetic articulation, the darker shell contains lighter elements which read clearly as separate pieces – no instructions or directions necessary for someone to spot this in your living room and readily realize how to make it work. The chair, titled “Balance,” was created by Madrid-based firm OOO My Design.

Balanced Plywood Chair as two chairs

More from the designers

“Balanced is a puzzle game made into furniture that transforms into multiple uses. It can be a simple compact chair or it can expand to become a lounge chair with ottoman and a low table, or much more. Its shape balances the structural rigidity with seductive curves to create a multitude of different forms and negative spaces that invite creative uses.”

Balanced Plywood Chair with footrest

“Subtle curves provide a comfortable ergonomic fit for our bodies in many ways, depending on the configuration, while inner spaces can serve as a practical way to store objects we want at hand while relaxing. The resulting design is a tactile sculptural form that brings surprise and playfulness to an object as ordinary as everyday’s chair.”

Balanced Plywood Chair detail

About OOO My Design

“OOO My Design is a self-production design studio based in Madrid born in 2009. With a fervent passion for mathematics and games, they create pieces that seek to convey surprise and joy, wrapped in a vision of unique furniture made to resist over time. Her work moves through different means of expression, using art as a means of communication and design to rethink the world in which we live and to reflect on the objects and attitudes that are part of everyday life.”