Sometimes you need a footrest or side table, but other times you just want to tuck them away without having to take up other storage space. Hence this refreshingly legible, easily-transformable set of chair-and-ottomans combined, with bent plywood shapes slotting into one another like life-sized children’s toys.

For a bit of added aesthetic articulation, the darker shell contains lighter elements which read clearly as separate pieces – no instructions or directions necessary for someone to spot this in your living room and readily realize how to make it work.

The GVAL chair designed by Gustavo Reboredo, Louis Sicard & Nenad Katic. A word from its creators: “The shape of the chair and the texture of alternating sheets of plywood is inspired by pattern of tree rings, which in a way represent tree’s memory: each ring usually marks the  of one year in the life of the tree.”