nesting knives mia schmallenbach all together

Sharp as a scalpel, smooth, sleek, slick, precise and compact … these sets have a deadly puzzle-piece efficiency about them that would be perfect for a chef, or perhaps a serial killer.

Nested one inside the next, the solid steel set called “Meeting” is designed by Mia Schmallenbach and contains a carving knife, chef’s knife, paring knife and filleting knife – each slotted within the others, and set inside of a likewise stainless steel rectangle that contains them all.

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nesting knives mia schmallenbach separated

Aside from being cool and clever, they are also a space-saving alternative to a traditional wall-hanging set of kitchen knives – but for sale at nearly a thousand dollars, the cost of to cooks (amateur or professional) is not cheap in this case. Also, one unfortunate side-effect of the current design is that you have to house your classy new cutlery flat in a drawer or on a countertop (and had best be careful to pull them out one at a time).

“Meeting – Meeting is a set of kitchen knives: paring knife, carving knife, chef’s knife, filleting knife and their block. They all seem to be
sculpted out of one piece of steel. The proportions are determined by the Fibonacci sequence with as it’s base the average width of a hand.
This set was awarded the first prize of the Fifth European Award for Cutlery Creation and is edited by Deglon in Thiers (France).”

nesting knives mia schmallenbach

Here’s some more information about Mia, the brilliant designer of the nesting knife set:

“Mia Schmallenbach, of German and Sri Lankan origin, grew up in Indonesia and has spent the last six years in Brussels working on a masters degree in industrial design at the National School of Visual Arts in La Cambre. She switched to a full design course after completing a diploma in screen printing, a natural development of her longstanding fascination with design and environment.”