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The experience of ascending a mountain at a ski resort becomes even more immersive and atmospheric when the gondola you’re riding to the peak is outfitted like an adorable miniature cabin. Home technology innovator Nest and Portland-based creative agency Roundhouse took over the inside of a funitel at the Squaw Valley ski resort in California to enhance the skiing experience in an unexpected way.

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Roundhouse calls it the “first mountain house in the sky,” turning it into a cozy living room “to show how neglected things, like smoke detectors and thermostats, can be re-imagined as objects of warmth, simplicity, and even beauty.

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They lined the interior in pale wood tones, added benches covered in chalet-inspired printed wool from Pendleton, put curtains in the window and even hung details like photo frames and a thermostat. All together, the items used in the project had to remain under 150 pounds to keep the gondola at a safe weight.

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Says Nest, “What could be more in need of reinvention than the icy bite of a metal bench so cold you can feel it through your ski pants?” The installation will be in place at the resort for the duration of the 2014-2015 ski season.