If you have more money than you know what to do with (or just like to daydream), Dubai-based design firm IONS Interior Architecture is full of outrageously luxurious ideas you’re sure to love. They recently unveiled their concept for a Neoclassical-style indoor pool that’s bigger than most people’s apartments, and it’s brimming with gorgeous features like Corinthian pilasters, a classic painted ceiling, and French windows.

Renderings for an ultra-luxurious neoclassical pool by IONS Design.

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A large overhead skylight directly above the pool offers some gorgeous views of the stars at night.

This exquisite indoor pool in neoclassical interior designing style perfectly blends with home interiors,” say the architects. “The interior designer resorts to glass mosaic and stone decking for the in-ground pool under a lofty skylight, which not only helps with ventilation but also adds glamor aesthetically as it turns the interior into an enchanting oasis, especially [under] the dramatic night sky.”

It’s definitely dreamy. The walls and pool surround appear to be made of marble, and the rounded shape of the pool itself is even more pleasing. It looks like there’s a built-in hot tub on one end, too, so whether you prefer a hot soak or a cool float, you’ll be able to gaze up at that dramatic tray ceiling and oversized skylight to find some truly spellbinding skies just beyond.

As you might imagine, this palatial indoor pool that “perfectly blends with home interiors” is only going to perfectly blend with IONS’ other designs — but there’s certainly no shortage of those to choose from. If you want to stick with the theme, IONS’ “Palace Architecture in Neoclassic Style” is a perfect match.


The firm describes it as “an enchanting scene from one of our luxurious residential palace exterior and interior designing projects. It opens to an extravagant landscape, with a mesmerizing lake beneath a Palladian-inspired stone bridge as the center of affection. The decorating ideas of gleaming water features, graceful swimming creatures, gentle outdoor lighting, and lush greeneries are a perfect combination for a mesmerizing attraction certain to captures everyone’s heart. This scenic wonder at the home’s entry way echoes harmony, tranquility, and pleasure – a charming welcome to a magnificent home design.”

There’s also an entrance hall taking inspiration from Roman architecture with an elaborate ceiling, ornate walls and geometric flooring patterns, a dome skylight for a “private palace grand lounge” complete with a crystal chandelier, a bedroom fit for royalty, and plenty of alternative mega-mansion concepts in keeping with the rest of these visuals. It’s all very European in flavor, with renderings including impeccably landscaped grounds and cascading fountains.

Here’s another concept, this one simply entitled “Enchanting Architectural Design”:


“Showcasing a concept of luxurious villa design in International style – an architectural design relatively inclined to modernism with an interesting twist of creative touch from IONS Design to kindle an elegant, classy, and timeless spirit. The modern French home design is defined by the enticing volumes matched with artistic exploration of glass, steel, and concrete material, combined altogether in simplified form thus creating a clean and appealing aesthetic with harmonious forms and function. Its landscape of enchanting character is equally as charming [as the home’s] fashion-forward interior designing style.”

Luxurious Interior Designs from the Dubai-based IONS Design

Luxurious Interior Designs from the Dubai-based IONS Design

So, who actually commissions stuff like this? People in Dubai, the land of obscene wealth and outrageous ideas. The United Arab Emirates is considered the richest place in the world, with a massive, vibrant, diversified economy. Dubai alone is home to around 26,000 millionaires and at least 7 billionaires out of its total 3.33 million inhabitants.