Arash Eskafi berg

Think about what happens during the first few minutes you walk into your home from work, school, or going out on the town. If you’re like most people, one of your first steps is to throw your coat, scarf, purse or whatever else you’re carrying onto a nearby chair. We know that this is what you do because Arash Eskafi, a student at Sweden’s Konstfack, conducted workshops and research to figure out how people use their home space.

mountain shaped clothing rack

Eskafi’s assignment: to change the way we look at and think about negative space. He remembered a Swedish saying that is often used to describe a messy person: “You leave behind a mountain of clothes.” He turned this saying literal by creating a stainless steel welded sculpture that is visually all negative space, but becomes interesting (and personalized) once it is used.

berg clothes holder

The Berg (which is the Swedish word for “mountain”) is the stylish alternative to throwing your coats and clothes on a chair or the floor. Some of us might actually use closets and clothes hampers, but for those of us who prefer to casually drape our things on whatever piece of furniture is nearby, the Berg is a sculpture that turns your dirty laundry into personalized art.