The lush rural Norwegian landscape comes alive under the creative direction of conceptual artist Rune Guneriussen. Using lamps, books and other stacked objects, Guneriussen transforms the countryside.

Electric lamps and neatly arranged books go from inanimate objects to living herds crowding between trees and around streams.

Guneriussen creates his photographic works without any digital manipulation, actually putting these common household objects out in nature to photograph them as though he were catching wildlife in its natural habitat.

With titles like “A Capacity to Breed and Recover” and “An Upward Displacement,” the photos are indeed meant to invoke that sense of looking in on a seldom-seen corner of nature.

Replacing living beings with man-made ones in these pieces seems to suggest that Guneriussen sees the planet’s wildlife being replaced with technology.

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However, the artist’s gentle and sentimental treatment of his subjects also suggests that he is able to see the merit and the beauty in these artificial objects.