In the paradise-like setting of Ibiza, this fantastic home occupies a dramatic sloping lot with a view of a picturesque harbor. Designed and built by Andres Jacque Arquitectos, the Never Never Land House is an exploration of the relationships people have with architecture and those that architecture has with its environment.

Named for the famously youth-centric land from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, the Never Never Land House unites Ibiza’s past (as a fantasy-like destination) with its current reality (as a down-to-earth blue-collar community).

The home is noticeably light-filled and visually connected to the land on which it sits. One of the architectural firm’s goals in this project was to preserve the pristine wildlife surrounding the home. The arboreal mass was maintained as much as possible and the wildlife patterns of nearby birds and animals were respected.

That isn’t to say that compromises were made in the design of the house, however. The home’s layout bucks architectural conventions by mixing up the order of the rooms and their functions. Rather than the typical room groupings (bedrooms at one end, living and working areas at the other), this home’s design encourages intimacy and interaction by requiring a novel method of travel between rooms and between the main home and the two adjacent huts.