bear bean bag chair

They say you should let sleeping dogs lie, but no one mentioned overstuffed grizzly bear bean bag chairs. Arguably a bit kitsch for adults, these adorable plush seats could make a cute addition to a kids’ playroom or simply something offbeat to spook neighbors and passersby. 

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bear bean bag chair stuffed plushie

Knit rather than printed, the impression that yes, this plushie bean bag seat by Chic Sin is a real slumbering bear, holds right down to the touch – a better close-scrutiny solution than typical faux-animal decor. The fur is surprisingly textural, and if you happened to be approaching it in an outdoor setting, you might just find it believable enough to provoke a good startle reflex. At least he looks friendly (and perhaps a little slow to chase.)

bear bean bag chair log

To complete the effect, however, one could also obtain some of these cylindrical, chewed-timber log pillows, which could make for nice foot rests or supplementary cushions while lounging on the back of a bean bag bear. Get it in bleached birch or cottonwood – up to you.

About the designers: “We in Chic Sin Design are a crazy, dreamy yet happy bunch of people. Founded in 2008, Chic Sin Design is a Hong Kong based design house. It was born with a signature knitting technique – all the patterns and colour are created only with black, white, cyan, magenta, yellow and green. With a special knitting machine, we apply this technique to beanbags and cushions and found that this technique creates an exciting visual depth and 3D effect which no other knit and printing can match. “

“We have since then introduced new elements into our designs to make our creations more captivating, interesting and functional. Our sources of inspiration come from everyday lives, human experiences, interactions with the society and beyond as we observe the society and beliefs from different angles and dimensions.”