When it seems like the air outside is full of toxic pollution from motor vehicles, factories, power plants, and other sources, we retreat to the refuge of our homes hoping to breathe a little easier. There’s just one problem: indoor air pollution is up to five times worse than the pollution outside, according to recent studies. The Environmental Protection Agency notes that we spend an average of 90 percent of our time indoors, where we’re exposed to radon, dust mites, mold, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and other pollutants. Improving indoor air quality requires several things, like reducing individual sources of pollution and improving ventilation, but air purifiers and houseplants can also help.

That’s where the NATEDE by Clairy comes in. Part gadget, part planter, this streamlined home object combines the natural pollution-fighting power of houseplants with state-of-the-art technology to create a modern air purifier that’s as beautiful as it is effective. Many air purifiers designed for home use are bulky, noisy, and less than attractive. The NATEDE aims to blend into all decors, removing both pollutants and viruses from the air without needing costly filter replacements.

Designed and produced in Italy, the NATEDE features advanced sensors that gague the temperature and humidity of a room, as well as the volatile organic compound (VOC), fine particulate, and carbon monoxide levels in it. Its washable photocatalytic filter uses light energy to capture and eliminate VOCs by up to 93 precent and viruses and bacteria by up to 99 percent. It even reduces bad odors.

All of this tech is boosted by the natural air filtration already provided by houseplants. Typically, plants absorb these substances from the air through their leaves, and from there they carried down into the soil. The NATEDE amplifies the phytoremediation process by improving airflow to the soil, pushing the toxins through the filter to “supercharge” the effects.

“The core technology of NATEDE is phytoremediation, which means that it uses the natural power of common plants to clean toxins in the air. This was studied by NASA in the 80s and implemented by Clairy with almost three years of research at PNAT and LINV, two of the most important laboratories on plant neurobiology in the world.”

“For people who suffer from asthma and allergies, the NATEDE light-powered air purifier is a great ally to breathe clean air and improve your health. The photocatalytic filter inside NATEDE can capture and eliminate VOCs, viruses, and bacteria, and it can significantly alleviate odors from pets, cigarettes and cigars, cooking, mildew, etc.”

The NATEDE works with an accompanying app that allows users to monitor the air quality of their interior spaces. It will give you all the information collected by the device’s sensors, monitor the internal air quality in real time, change the fan speed, and even provide a detailed breakdown of pollutants in your environment. When high levels of pollutants are detected, you’ll get a notification on your phone along with tips for eliminating the sources of those pollutants. You can also temporarily boost the NATEDE’s power when you do something like cook with a gas stove or burn a candle.

The NATEDE raised over $700,000 on a recent Kickstarter campaign, and it’s expected to begin shipping later this year.