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It is one thing to let a single cool concept drive an entire design, but another to create the best of all worlds within a single work. This classy-looking little future fridge has a slew of good ideas, all tied into one compact and elegant design with just enough width and depth to do what it needs to and no wasted or awkward space.

Instead of going to a extremes – invisible or entirely opaque – selected sections are left transparent (and optionally lit) so you can see certain relevant contents, without running the risk of having too many must-clean surfaces.

Annoyed at how your drinks roll around in the main fridge section? There is a custom angled space for beer, wine, soda or whatever other beverages you may have in bottles or cans but want to keep somewhat out of the way withing the refrigerator. Still, the freezer is not built in – but perhaps that is for the best, since you can keep things cool but frost-free and have a separate side-by-side unit (hopefully designed with the same careful forethought as this fridge!).