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Finding people who are entirely in love with their own reflections shouldn’t be too difficult in the business world, making the Narcissus Desk a perfect fit in many a CEO’s office. Artist Sebastian Errazuriz refurbished an antique, circa-1880 French desk, adding a mirrored surface that enables the user to gaze at themselves all day long.

Narcissus Desk 2

A cut-out in the front (which Errazuriz points out is large enough for “a big fat person”) puts the sitter in prime position to see as much of themselves as possible in the mirror.

Narcissus Desk 3

Narcissus Desk 4

The drawers were modified to fit this new shape, and new brass trim created from the original to frame the reflection. The old bourgeois French desk conjures visions of self-congratulatory wealth.

Narcissus Desk 5

Errazuriz got the idea after noting how easy it is for some people to stare at their own reflections without recognizing that they’re even looking at themselves, especially in the modern world, with its ‘selfie’ obsession.