ostrich pillow mini 1

If the original iteration of the Ostrich Pillow is a little too silly-looking for you, with its giant onion-shaped cushion hiding your entire head, perhaps the mini version will be more appealing. The Ostrich Pillow Mini slides over your arm to offer a soft surface to lay your head, without actually cutting you off from the outside world.

ostrich pillow original

A previous attempt to make the original design more compact and a little less ridiculous, the Ostrich Pillow Light, fit across the eyes like a mask, but was still a bit bulky.

ostrich pillow mini 2

Designed to go anywhere you do, the Mini can be placed around your hand, arm or elbow so you can rest your head in whichever position feels most natural to you. The makers note that in addition to taking it to work, study hall or on the plane, it’s ideal for pillow fights.

ostrich pillow mini 3

The Ostrich Pillow Mini is currently available for pre-order through a Kickstarter funding campaign for $25, and is set to be delivered in December.