travel head support

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On long car trips or airplane journeys, it’s so hard to stay awake that we often find ourselves waking up from an unintended nap with a terribly sore neck. The U-shaped “travel pillows” provide little in the way of head support, resulting again in a painful neck.

nap anywhere

The Nap Anywhere is an innovative kind of head support device that alleviates the pain of on-the-go naps. When it isn’t being used, it looks a little like a Frisbee with a couple of odd cutouts. But when you feel your eyelids getting heavy, you just place the support between your shoulder and chin, then rest your head on the top portion.

foldable neck pillow

Made of a flexible skeleton and a soft foam exterior, the Nap Anywhere molds to your unique shape. It provides a soft, comfortable, supportive place to lay your head (temporarily) and avoid the travel-related neckaches.

The Nap Anywhere was developed by a doctor and combines elements of architecture, engineering, and a touch of origami. When you’re finished using it, it unfolds into a small, thin disc that can be stored almost anywhere. It’s not quite as private as the Ostrich Pillow that isolates you from the world, but it will definitely alleviate the pain in the neck associated with traveling.