So they may not be precisely secret upon close inspection or serious reflection, but at first glance who would suspect a stack of two-by-fours to have a concealed set of doors or drawers? Particularly with this first rough-cut piece, set directly on the floor, the mistake would be easy to make.

This series wooden objects from BorisLabs plays on pattern recognition. Our brains are conditioned to translate a sequence of long and short horizontals, properly aligned, as a set of stacked lumber waiting for use rather than a finished home furnishing. In this second item, though, the legs are a little bit of a giveaway.

According to the works’ designer, the main reference is to 1970s anti-design movements that sought to shake up recognizable shapes and forms. He also acknowledges inspiration, though, from a long-standing tradition of making secret rooms and hidden doors that dates back thousands of years.