If you want to see your name up in lights as Executive Producer on a forthcoming family adventure film, then here’s your chance!

“My Irnik,” which is Inuit for “my son,” is a film-in-progress, waiting only for adequate funding to be a finished product. The film is set in the extreme and freezing climes of Northern Quebec, so even if you don’t want to pledge any money, you’ll still get a chance to see the Northern Lights when the film is completed (well, assuming a large enough budget is raised).

Funding pledges on Kickstarter start with the “Lil cheer up” pledge of $10, which will get your name into the film credits, and go all the way up to the “Robin Hood generous” pledge of $1,000, which will give you official Executive Producer status in the film credits, among other goodies, including VIP tickets to the film’s premier in Montreal and free drinks!

My Irnik

Connor on expedition with his dog sled.

Co-directors Matthew Hood and Francois Lebeau had intended to self-fund and film footage of their friend Connor with his team of sled dogs in the surreal, wild landscape of Northern Quebec. Connor was born and brought up in Montreal, and he married his wife Tracy, an Inuit native of the town of Kuujjuaq, before they settled down in her hometown and started a family together. Though initially intending to create a stirring tale of bravery and exploration in this harsh and extreme environment, the film’s creators soon realized the better tale was the simpler story of father and son:

My Irnik

Connor and Tracy’s son Callum.

“There was a more powerful and tender story to be told — that of Connor’s relationship with his young son. As a child, Callum was shown how meaningful shared adventures could be — something simple like reading a book together or something bigger like a long arctic expedition. Connor is doing whatever everything he can to expose his son to his Inuit heritage and ensure those traditions will keep going,” said co-director Matthew Hood.

My Irnik

“My Irnik” co-director Matthew Hood.

When the filmmakers first visited Northern Quebec in the spring of 2016, the weather was harsh and they almost lost a drone in a blizzard, so they were limited in the way they could obtain good shots. When they got home and realized they wanted to shift their focus to the relationship between father and son, they knew they needed to go back to change the narrative of the story to make it more personal, with the hope of better weather in mind.

“By spending time with Connor and Callum, we saw immediately how precious and special their relationship is. So, we shifted our movie direction towards them during the process of creation, which brought us with too many shots of his dogs and not enough of the actual relationship in between them,” Hood said.

My Irnik

Connor’s dog Asgard awaits his return.

By Nov. 11, with almost the full amount of $3,000 already pledged, the team has almost met their goals of raising money for a plane ticket to Kuujjuaq from Montreal as well as rent the camera and audio gear needed to complete the project. With only 26 days to go until the Dec. 7 deadline, any additional funds are earmarked for a soundtrack of traditional Inuit music, as well as for color enhancement and graphics insertion. There’s also a funding component that will allow the duo to submit the final film to international film festivals in 2017. This is serious stuff!

“This (extra funding) would help us to wrap up that little baby and be ready for the 2017 film festivals submission. It’s been a little more than a year that we are working on it, we can’t hide our excitement to share it with you when it will be done. We are aiming to submit the short to as many film festivals as possible and screenings,” explain Matthew Hood and Francois Lebeau.