dornob update

Good design never stands still – and the same should be true of outstanding designer publications. Thanks to regular readers and loyal fans, over 500,000 visitors viewed over 1.5 million articles last month. Partly in response to this remarkable growth, Dornob has added brand new categories covering cutting-edge topics and integrated new functionality for reader navigation and interaction. Here is a quick look at some of the exciting new features fresh off the presses:

dornob facebook

Over 25,000 of you have followed Dornob on Twitter for months or longer, but the Facebook profile and group have sat relatively idle – until now. With a brand-new Facebook Fan Page, you can now easily share your thoughts on the site and stories, add new ideas, discuss designs with other fans and much more. If you have not already, click here and become a fan.

gajitz update

For anyone who may have missed the memo, Dornob has a relatively new sibling site focusing on great new gadgets, strange science finds and innovations in technology … with a twist. If Dornob is your home design and local art resource, then Gajitz is its globe-spanning counterpart covering international visual culture and world-wide innovation. Now is as good a time as any to click here and subscribe.

dornob designs

And Dornob itself continues to expand. Some of you might have noticed that, in addition to chronological complete text-based archives there are now monthly ‘Galleries’ linked in the left sidebar. These allow you to view thumbnails linking to every article (on average around 100) published in a given month, all on one page – a handy tool to catch up on missed designs or place to visually browse in your spare time. To test one out, click here to view all articles for last month.

dn categories

On the subject of expansion, reader submissions, emerging trends and overall growth in readership have motivated the creation of some categories that are still relatively new to the site. In case you have not yet seen them, Dornob now has articles filed under Additions, Apartments, Tree Houses, Urban Design, Travel Gear, Recycled furniture as well as Sets & Series. As always, one great way to navigate the site is by using the top menu bar and browsing by Architecture (Homes), Interiors (Rooms & Apartments), Furniture, Fixtures (Household), Furnishings (Objects), and More (Art & Design).

dornob readers

And the final mysterious ‘fifth element’ in the equation? Sorry if it seems cliche, but that would be you, of course, dear reader. Without visitors dropping in to view new designs daily, linking in from your own blogs, websites and publications, subscribing to the site via RSS, following on Twitter, fanning on Facebook, sharing via StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and other social sources, well, there would be no So, thank you for your support in all of its many forms – and now back to our regularly scheduled designs.