Remember slumber parties when you were a kid? There was nothing better than hanging out with a bunch of friends all night, telling ghost stories and playing games. British tent makers Tentsile have just released a new multi-story series of suspended tents that bring back the fun of slumber parties but add the extra awesome feeling of sleeping among the trees.

Vista is a suspended tent that hangs between three trees, secured there with a series of straps and ratchets. The basic unit comes with a roof and an insect mesh to keep you protected from normal everyday elements. Since it can’t be fully sealed, however, the company says that it can’t be used in high winds or rainy conditions.

You have the option of purchasing additional levels separately to go under the main portable treehouse. Each level is accessed via a small hatch in the floor, so you can easily climb from the ground all the way to the top. The roof of the top level is removable, so on a clear night you can lie back and enjoy the view of the starry sky from your vantage point in the trees.

Each Vista level can accommodate three adults or two adults and two kids. If you stack two or three of them, that’s a whole lot of camping space. Since the tents are suspended, there’s also a bonus area beneath them to provide a covered porch, cooking area, or a place to put a few folding chairs and just sit around shooting the breeze while you enjoy your natural surroundings.