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Neon beards, crazy-colored creatures and geometric designs feature large in the work of Mulga, a.k.a. Joel Moore, a popular street artist based in Sydney, Australia.

We doubt you can be in a bad mood if you are looking at Mulga’s art. He loves to paint, and that comes through in the vibrant colors and zany figures in all of his work. He also writes a self-described “weird” poem to go with each piece.

“A lot of my time is spent on the computer,” he explains, “so when I actually do some painting, a kind of happiness comes over me. A relaxed vibe or something—a flow, you could call it.”

Mulga Benny Redbeard Mulga faver

Mulga beards

Mulga art

Mulga’s all about sharing his art and encouraging others to indulge their creative sides too. He’s a familiar sight on the streets of Sydney, painting huge, colorful murals, and engaging passers-by.

It’s a long way from his previous job in finance, which he left to pursue his art in 2014. In just a couple of years, he’s held more than 56 art shows, and he’s won several Australian art competitions.

Now he’s being courted by powerhouse companies such as MTV, Adidas and Microsoft, as well as many Australian brands. Chances are people around the world will soon be part of team Mulga, too.

Mulga book

Mulga book


As the father of young kids, Mulga enjoys watching youngsters find themselves through art. “I have three kids aged seven, five and three,” he says. “Pearl, my oldest, loves drawing, and all my kids wear clothes that have my art on them. I often wear the same T-shirts and sweaters as my sons, which is pretty cool.”

He has just released his second book, and that’s aimed squarely at the younger set. ” ‘Mulga’s Magical Musical Creatures’ is a children’s picture book and it has super-intricate illustrations and lots of animals playing instruments,” the artist says.

(Don’t feel left out, though. His first book is titled ‘Mulga’s Magical Colouring Book,’ and it’s intended for adults who’ve been swept up in the coloring book craze.)

mulga mural

mulga mural

Next up, Mulga’s starting work on some more mural projects, and he’s happy his city is encouraging urban art, displayed where the public can enjoy it. “I think the art scene in Sydney is growing,” he says, “and local governments are becoming more supportive and commissioning artists to paint walls, which is awesome.”

Watch Mulga painting Dolphin Beard Donnie at Bondi Beach.

mulga vincent van chode surfboard

Living near the beach makes surfing a way of life, and Mulga recently brought a dream of his to life: “One of my goals was to do some art in exchange for a sweet surfboard. It’s finally happened, and it could not have been for a more rad board!” Check out the Vincent Van Chode board he illustrated for Vader Surfboards.

The surfboard is just another “canvas” for Mulga, though. You can also find his lively artwork on T-shirts, hats, stickers, skateboards, jigsaw puzzles, cards, mugs, phone cases and totes, as well as traditional posters and prints. In other words, if it doesn’t move, it’s liable to be decorated if Mulga’s around….