The future of yachting has just become more…futuristic! Picture yourself on your own private floating island, enjoying the pool complete with waterfall and exotic birds, or perhaps getting a massage in the salon. Sounds boring? Boogie on the dance floor or take the underwater elevator to feed some sharks.

“Motion Code Blue” sounds like something ominous, almost like code in a spy movie. And indeed, we could easily picture James Bond or his megalomaniac opponents lounge on this super yacht – the latter plotting world dominion; Bond, of course, frolicking with beauties. Behold Austrian mega yacht design by Motion Code Blue aka Migaloo Submarines and their brand new Kokomo Ailand submersible yacht, which is designed to look and feel like a private floating island.

The self-propelled Kokomo Ailand features an owner’s penthouse 80 meters above sea levels, two elevators, beach club, beach gym, and glass-bottom Jacuzzi. The jungle deck, a sheltered enclave complete with exotic plants, vertical gardens, palm trees and wildlife, has a pool with waterfall and cocktail bars. On the spa deck you will find the gym and massage and beauty salons, while the garden deck is perfect for lounging – or you can barbecue on the beach deck. From there, an elevator takes you to the beach club.

Your guests, who come and go via helipad, can enjoy incredible sea views from their private balconies. Should that get boring, there’s plenty of entertainment: an outdoor movie theater, laser light shows, a dance floor and stage, and an underwater elevator for shark feeding. Aside from the owner’s three-floor, 300-square-meter penthouse, there are six suites and four VIP suites. In all, the yacht is configured to fit 32 people: sixteen crew, two officers, one captain, twelve guests, and two owners. Submerged, it can endure two to three days, and with Stirling air-independent propulsion about two weeks.

The concept was presented at the Monaco Yacht Show in September 2015, and the company has already received many inquiries from interested parties. The Austria-based yacht design studio has also designed the word’s first Hydrogen-operated, Energy Autonomous Superyacht, and the Icon Selazzio Superyacht, an over-the-top-luxurious floating mansion (see both below).

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