Mosaico+ – Creators of Italian Mosaic Masterpieces For Stunning Wall Design

Very Wood is made of Dialoghi collection, designed by Francesco Lucchese for Mosaico+.

Presented during the Milan Fuorisalone 2016 festival, fine-tile manufacturer Mosaico+, in collaboration with Italian designer Francesco Lucchese, staged VERY WOOD at the Olivieri showroom in Milan.

From the Mosaico website:

“It comprises panels decorated with mosaic chips in glass and various types of wood, with an¬†undulating form that resembles the folds of a stage curtain overlooking an enchanted forest.”

Very Wood, the ideal wood and glass mosaic to elegantly decorate your home.

Very Wood – from the Dialoghi collection, made with wood and glass.

The exhibition highlighted Lucchese’s DIALOGHI collection: a superior selection of decorative wall finishes that mixes nature with mosaic artistry. It combines wood chips, natural stone, metal and glass tiles in a variety of intriguing designs. Marrying Italian high-tech production techniques together with high quality raw materials, the end result is warm, soothing and tactile– as well as gorgeous to look at.

Loose chips of wooden mosaic from Dialoghi collection, made by Mosaico+ and designed by Francesco Lucchese.

Not just any old chips.

To create the wood chips used in the Mosaico designs, planks are cut from logs, then they are transformed into fine chips. The chips are dried, stabilized and treated with varnish. They can withstand abrasion, chemicals and general wear and tear and have many interior applications.

Francesco Lucchese Mosaico design

Oak wood meets carrera marble in lovely wall textures.

Good looking, sophisticated and contemporary, the Dialoghi collection is a tribute to the design-savvy and lifetime’s experience of Francesco Lucchese. This is an approach to mosaics that breaks the mold – in fact it’s fresh and innovative 2D design that relies on artistry on a flat plane, but with raised surfaces creating undulation and visual interest. The designs look delicate and very fine, yet they are hard-wearing and long-lasting.

DIALOGHI - Mosaico design

Mosaico headboard with a ‘come to bed’ design and desirability.

In ‘an infinite exchange between shapes and materials’ the Mosaico+ collections invite you to customize, create and replicate your favorite designs – straight onto a wall, the headboard of a bed or a shower unit.

AFRICA NOW - Pivot collection from Mosaico

Strong geometric motifs create subtle wall design.

With a much less ‘luxe rustic’ vibe, the ‘cubist’ look of AFRICA NOW is a cutting edge Mosaico collection from 2016 – its bold, graphic patterns are inspired by African textiles, given a contemporary twist then applied to the wall

AFRICA NOW by Mosaico tiles

Subtle pinks and creams contrast with white and slate grey.

The PIVOT and TWIST collections look modern, even pixelated: Gorgeous African weaves and prints are the inspiration for these pleasing decorative motifs that can be subtle in monochrome, or brighter to suit your interior design aesthetic.

'Africa Now' by Mosaico Tiles

‘Africa Now’ makes a fabulous backdrop for a cool lounge room.

The colors and tones look tribal, jazzy – yet there is a mathematical precision to these mosaics that means they lend themselves to a minimalist, contemporary decor and they can fit into any room.

AFRICA NOW - by Mosaico tiles

Bold, geometric, beautiful – the TWIST collection.

Glass Mosaic DIALOGHI by Mosaico+ | Design Francesco Lucchese #mosaic #interiors:

DIALOGHI – glass tiles create a fabric-like feel.

Part of Francesco Lucchese’s ‘Dialoghi’ collection, the glass tiles that make up this living room mosaic look deceptively like tapestry.

Mosaico tiles

Mosaico tiles make a bold statement in the bathroom.

Mosaico - marble, stone and glass chips

Whether designed to be redolent of the great outdoors – bark, trees and forests – or to recreate iconic African textile designs, these Mosaico collections pack some wallop. Mosaico uses many quality materials, like marble, glass and stone to create very individual mosaic designs for fabulous, customized interiors.