Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy more sky from your apartment? Now you can. Argentine architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia has come up with the “More Sky,” a snug window niche that works like an alcove or sun room, providing urban apartment dwellers with better access to light, air and views.



Garcia’s intention with the concept, which is both “space” and “object,” was to provide “visual relief” to residents of small quarters in crowded cities, where air and sunlight are scarce.


The accordion-style “More Sky” window extends out from the wall to create a comfortable space to chill. There are three styles of expandable window seats, the “Hopper Niche,” “Casement Niche” and “Awning Niche.” The spaces reveal the sky, allowing people to recline, catch some sun and air and a better, more expansive view from their small apartment.



The project by Garcia, one of the participants in the Global Innovation Design collaboration between Pratt, Royal College of Art London, Imperial College London and Keio University in Tokyo, was presented at Dubai Design Week. Garcia is a licensed architect from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who relocated to Brooklyn in 2012. She received her Masters of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in May 2015.



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