Few forms of relaxation are quite as effective as flotation therapy, which places you inside a light-proof, sound-proof tank full of body-temperature water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts so you can shut out all external stimuli and simply float. If you can get past your claustrophobia enough to enjoy it, the experience can put you in a near zero-gravity state to alleviate pain, melt away stress, and relax your muscles.

While most of us aren’t likely to ever have access to an isolation tank at home, an inventor named John Fiorentino aims to bring us the next best thing with the Moon Pod, a “zero gravity bean bag” made of high-density microbeads that conform to the shape and movement of a person’s body.

Weighing 12 pounds with a footprint of about four square feet, the Moon Pod offers an ergonomic cushion that cradles the body in a wide variety of positions. You can use it like a chair, recline at an angle, or lay down flat to read, relax, nap, play video games, or attempt a record-breaking Netflix marathon. The custom engineered high-friction microbeads distribute your body weight evenly — no matter your body size or type — providing support exactly where you need it. That’s especially good news for people who deal with chronic neck or back pain.

The Moon Pod’s microbeads and contour-cradling form work in concert with a machine-washable, pet-friendly cover and an inner shell made from a spandex blend, which itself stretches to accommodate your body without losing its shape. It’s available in Space Gray, Neptune Blue, and Rose Quartz, and you can purchase extra covers for convenient washing or just to switch things up a little every once in a while.

The Moon Pod is made by the same people who pulled off another ultra-relaxing Kickstarter project, the Gravity Weighted Blanket, which raised over $4.7 million on a $21,500 goal back in 2017. The blanket harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation to distribute pressure across your whole body, much like the feeling of being held or hugged. This sensation is said to increase serotonin and melatonin levels in the brain while decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone). Users have described it as “Advil PM for your whole body,” reporting reduced anxiety and deeper, more restorative sleep.

According to the creators, combining both of these products is “similar to a sensory deprivation experience, but delivered to your home and available whenever you need it.”

“We designed the Moon Pod to mimic the floating sensation felt during a REST or Flotation Therapy session,” explains Fiorentino. “Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, or REST, has shown positive preliminary results in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.”

“We also engineered Moon Pod to allow you to sit or recline at the perfect angle. A 2006 study showed that reclining at a 135 degree angle provided the ultimate spinal comfort. Moon Pod easily lets you find the sweet spot to reduce back strain — for any body type. Just lean back to ~135 degrees and relax.”