nessie ladle

A whimsical kitchen wouldn’t be complete without utensils that look like toys. The completely lovable Nessie Ladle from Ototo is an adorable way to spoon up soups, stews, and sauces.

soup ladle loch ness monster

The ladle is shaped like the well-loved Loch Ness monster, with a body that holds your food and a long handle that looks just like the neck and head of Nessie. The head protrudes over the top of the pot, resembling the famous picture taken in 1933 of the “monster” swimming in the loch.

loch ness monster soup ladle

Nessie comes equipped with four stubby legs to keep it standing straight up, eliminating the messy business of lying a dirty spoon down on its side. Of course, you’ll still have to worry about the feet leaving little soup marks on your countertop, but Nessie is so cute you probably won’t mind.