Greece has long been a destination of choice among tourists and world travelers. Whether you’re looking for excessive luxury, family fun, or a romantic place to honeymoon, Greece and its islands provide a vast array of getaways. To top it all off, the vacation hotspot also boasts ancient ruins, beach hotels, and all-inclusive resorts.

Monocabin Monocabin

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The Greek island of Rhodes is not only one of the most visited places in the country, but also one of the most picturesque. The island has over 300 beaches, ruins, and acres of beautiful rocky bluffs where you can enjoy panoramic views of the Adriatic Ocean. Due to the area’s immense popularity, you have to make special preparations to find a private spot. Luckily, you are now able to do so by visiting a miniature house by Italian architecture and design firm Mandalaki. The “Monocabin” invites visitors to enjoy a minimalist vacation by fully immersing them in its ultra-private environment.

Monocabin is a new way to experience the Greek islands. This tiny one bedroom, one bathroom house was designed with a ton of detail in mind. This meticulous planning provides the visitor with exactly what they need to enjoy their vacation to the fullest — nothing more and nothing less. The designers say that the space is “created to be lived rather than just a living space. It becomes a space nourished by the passage of guests, designers, artists, and friends with the perspective of a common goal: to return to oneself.”

Monocabin Monocabin

The choice of location for this prototype miniature house owes to the studio’s co-founder, George Kolliopoulos, who himself is from the island of Rhodes. As a local, and a designer, who knows the island well, Kolliopoulos was able to fully extract all of the necessary elements that a guest might need to experience Rhodes as it should be. Monocabin is a whitewashed building like those found all over Greece, but with the unique character of being isolated from its busy surroundings.


Monocabin merges indoors and outdoors by the skillful positioning of fenestration within the walls of the house. Guests are treated to framed views of the external vegetation, connecting them to the outdoors even when they are inside. Internally, the sleeping area is separated from the kitchen and dining areas by a partition, and a minimal deck provides space for guests to relax in a calming garden area. Each piece of furniture has been specially designed for the space, creating a custom-made harmony between the architecture and the fixtures.

Monocabin Monocabin

Monocabin is also tricked out with everything the visitor needs to relax and recharge, boasting a projector connected to a Netflix account, Bluetooth capabilities, and fitness equipment. The home also hospitably includes a three-day itinerary that details carefully-selected activities so you can get the most out of Rhodes. Unfortunately, getting a room may be hard depending on when you want to visit, as the house will also be used as an artist’s residence in low season.