David Manien Mondrian Sofa
In the mood for a little Mondrian? The iconic Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, born in 1872, had an unmistakable geometric style, combining abstract black or grey lines with rectangles of primary colors like yellow, red and blue. He’s one of the biggest artists of classical Modernism and a founder of the Dutch De Stijl movement. You’re most likely very familiar with his most famous pieces such as “Composition with Large Red Plane, Yellow, Black, Gray, and Blue” (1921). It’s a style that has been influencing artists and designers to this day, and below are some of our favorite homages to his work.
Moving Mondrian
The Moving Mondrian by AMOS DESIGN was thought up by Czech designer Vladimír Ambroz. It’s a mini library on wheels with colorful drawers and doors that can be moved around the bookshelf. According to Ambroz, “the Moving Mondrian shows how distant things, such as painting canvas and furniture, are mutually closely interconnected by designer’s idea.”
Mondrian Chair
As per their philosophy of offering an “haute couture made-to-measure experience” with gorgeous items by designers who are given total creative freedom, Sofoz Design Mobilier in France presents the Mondrian Chair in Altuglas (acrylic). It comes in various seat colors. Sofoz’s manufacturing process is ecological and 100% made in France.
Mondrian Charles Chair
We also covet the super stylish Charles Chair by Marcel Wanders – co-founder and artistic director of design label Moooi – with its chic stainless steel structure and vivid colors.
Peggy Bean Bag by Creativando
Bean bag anyone? Peggy is a cozy, not-too-slouchy, made-in-Italy lounger made of eco leather (80% PU, 20% CO) and offered by Creativando.
Mondrian Breakfast Tray

Piet Mondrian Table Lamp
A smaller commitment to the Dutch artist’s aesthetic is the handcrafted and polished Mondrian Breakfast Tray from the Pacific Connections brand, or the Piet Mondrian Composition A Table Lamp available at Zazzle. The latter also proffers pillows, mugs, skateboards and more.
David Mamien Mondrian Couch
This fantastic sofa we spotted and fell in love with at David Manien in France (see top image and image above), but we’re not sure it’s for sale yet. Learn more at www.facebook.com/dmanien.siegesetdecoration.