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Offices can feel cold and impersonal, not exactly offering the comfortable surroundings that are most conducive to creative thought. For a writer working in a large theater complex, having a space that feels cozier and far more personalized – like a tiny house within the workplace – can make all the difference in productivity.

Writer's House 2

Dutch author Marcel Osterop is the lucky recipient of ‘Writer’s House,’ a compact modular office by designer Dave Keune that fits within a larger space at Eindhoven’s Parktheater in the Netherlands. This concept takes the room-within-a-room functionality that’s most often seen for studio apartments or children’s bedrooms and brings it to a professional environment.

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Made of steel, Lexan, cork and MDF, the Writer’s House offers the author both a place to work and a place to meet his audience. It’s made up of four slices that can be separated and offset to enlarge and open certain areas of the office, creating space for visitors or enclosing a private writing room.

Writer's House 5

The Lexan panels keep the office from feeling fully closed-off to the rest of the space. A table slides out of one modular section on casters to aid in the transition between private and public. And if the author wants to communicate that he’s not available, he can simply shut all of the various doors and panels.