Do-it-yourself craft projects sometimes end in disaster. With this curious wood construction set, however, you can always start afresh – every modular wood piece is held together, amazingly enough, with string. The system is entirely tension-based – wooden parts are pulled together to make a stable whole.

Of course, it gets better: the pieces do not just go together in one way to make a single piece of furniture – these so-called Extensions are designed to create at least three particular distinct design objects including a bench, table and set of bookshelves.

Because string is at the heart of the design it is easy to undo any given structure and make something different. While the designers have a series of suggestions there is naturally a good deal of room for invention as well.

A variant on the core project, there as an lamp set as well that works as a stand-alone floor light or can be made into a lighting extension to other pieces from the same modular ilk.