community furniture

Outdoor furniture in public spaces is typically bland and plain; a bench you see in one city could easily be seen in a hundred others. MultipliCITY is a line of outdoor furniture that can be customized according to local materials and tastes.

multiplicity furniture


Created in a collaboration between design studio fuseproject and furniture makers Landscape Forms, MultipliCITY includes benches, path lights, tables, garbage bins, and bike racks. Each piece can be customized with local materials.

bike rack

top of bike rack

The base elements of each piece, such as the feet of a bench or the brackets of a bike rack, are designed to be attached to the ground. They can fit together in different configurations according to the area in which they’ll be used. Other materials – the seats and backs of benches, or helmet-holding platforms on bike racks, for example – can be sourced locally.



This flexibility allows cities to install community furniture that is inexpensive and reflects the materials of the area. The furniture is therefore inexpensive (since it is shipped incomplete) and reflects the personality of the location in which it’s installed.