Modern mobile home office
This might just be the ultimate in office furniture to-go: a single space-saving solid wood storage case that contains everything you need for an office — and a smaller accessory box unfolds into a comfortable chair to go with it. Whether you are a digital nomad or a nine-to-five office worker, this cool office in a trunk would be a handy mobile addition to any office layout.
TrunkStation Office in closed position
When closed, it’s as compact as can be, ready to roll its way into any room where it’s needed or slide into the back of an SUV. This mobile modular office on wheels is also handy for super small living spaces where a dedicated home office is a luxury you can’t afford. Push it up against the wall when it’s not in use, and simply unfold it when you’re ready to get to work.
TrunkStation Office open in a room

This creative Trunk Station office furniture set comes with plenty of storage space, a fold out miniature desk surface and laptop area, shelving units with a built-in filing system as well as other shelves for odds and ends. Best of all, the whole furniture system is set on wheels and split into two parts that can be shut, shipped and stored with ease – and from an interior design standpoint they would look as great as closed-up office decor as they when folded open and transformed into functional furniture.
While workstations resembling cubicles usually aren’t very attractive, the Trunk Station design makes it seem both fun and practical. Made of melamine and resin, it features pre-drilled holes for electrical wires and cables, and add-on units are available if you need extra functionality. This space-saving rolling office design starts at $1,856, however, so it doesn’t exactly come cheap – but clever furniture made specifically to save space rarely does, unless you get it at old reliable IKEA.