For a very long time, the only “space saving” solutions for kitchens were pint-size dishwashers and itty-bitty stoves. What if your space is so limited that you don’t have a dedicated room for cooking and food storage at all? The Tower Kitchen by famed French designer Philippe Starck packs everything you would normally put in a kitchen into two tall columns that take up a mere square meter of floor space each.

In one tower, the heat: oven, steam oven, and optional microwave oven. In the other tower, the cold: the fridge and freezer. Additional components like a dishwasher and extra storage space can easily be integrated where needed or desired.

Three sides of each tower are closed off with sleek wood-grain doors that hide the components inside. On the fourth side, the surface is covered with a chalkboard or a mirror, providing a functional space to leave notes or fix your outfit before important company arrives.

Because the towers boast a beautiful, sophisticated exterior, you won’t be embarrassed to have them sitting out in a combined living/sleeping/dining/studying area. Moreover, they can be placed in the middle of a room rather than in a special corner, unlike traditional refrigerators.

For those with truly limited home space who do not have the luxury of distinct food prep/dining areas, the matching “Trumpet Table” does double duty as a food preparation island and dining table. Taking up a minimum of space but containing a stovetop, sink, countertop, dining table and storage area, the table is the perfect complement to the multi-sided spinning towers.