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Despite its offbeat appearance, this home office design idea by Davidson Rafailidis is more about function than form – selective insulation of spaces to minimize wasted energy without compromising on creature comforts, creating a balance within a larger area for small-space living. The result is a workspace that would perform equally well for an at-home professional on a budget or a working artist with variable spatial needs.

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The idea is simple: only partition what you need and thus save on space that requires heating or cooling by controlling the temperature only within the occupied portions of the room. A wooden framework supports greenhouse-grade insulating bubble-wrap and connects key nodes such as doors and windows to a core heated or cooled space.

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This modular office space solution is nothing if not timely in terms of the environmental movement and fluctuating state of the global economy. The contemporary employment scene is anything but stable, so why not save money, do your part in going green and flexibly use only the space you need to for work purposes?