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Prefabricated, modular, and made from recycled wood … what more could you ask for from a contemporary furniture system? How about a flexible set of pieces that you can use to make your own plans and designs at home, like the ultimate hybrid of LEGO-type construction techniques and IKEA-style furnishings.

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The idea behind the Modos modular furniture system by EcoSystems is not just to provide fully-finished and eco-friendly furnitures for a house or home office, but also manufactured kits of parts that can be used to create DIY designs using recyclable aluminum connectors, green wooden surfaces and other factory-prefab pieces.

modos desk

Aluminum joints and clear finishes are nice finishing touches, but the basic panels and supports come up in a number of certified sustainable and reused varieties – environmentally sound apple plywood and bamboo, or douglas fir from reclaimed bleachers, post-consumer teak and a mixture of shipping-palette woods.

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modos standing desk

Their collection includes an all-wood (as well as a wood-and-glass) desk, side table, shelf system, stool and chair set as well as other interior kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture.

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modos bed

The latest in the line (and perhaps most impressive) is a full-sized bed using the same kit-of-parts approach of wood panels for the frame, legs and headboard with modular aluminum joints to hold everything together.

modos kit

“Modos was started by two guys in Brooklyn who were frustrated with most of the furniture on the market. Much of the ready to assemble furniture is made to look simple to assemble, but is actually challenging. When moving into new home, furniture is often thrown away and replaced because it does not withstand the move or does not fit into the new space. They thought there was a better option. That’s they we invented Modos, a user-friendly furniture that assembles without tools and can be reconfigured into a different shape each time a move occurs. Modos is a high quality and sustainable product for a reasonable price that will stay with you for a lifetime.”