Prefabricated, modular, and made from recycled wood … what more could you ask for from a contemporary furniture system? How about; a flexible set of pieces that you can use to make your own plans and designs at home, like the ultimate hybrid of LEGO-type construction techniques and IKEA-style furnishings.

The idea behind EcoSystems is not just to provide fully-finished and eco-friendly furnitures for a house or home office, but also manufactured kits of parts that can be used to create DIY designs using recyclable aluminum connectors, green wooden surfaces and other factory-prefab pieces.

Aluminum joints and clear finishes are nice finishing touches, but the basic panels and supports come up in a number of certified sustainable and reused varieties – environmentally sound apple plywood and bamboo, or douglas fir from reclaimed bleachers, post-consumer teak and a mixture of shipping-palette woods.

Their collection includes an all-wood (as well as a wood-and-glass) desk, side table, shelf system, stool and chair set as well as other interior kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture.

The latest in the line (and perhaps most impressive) is a full-sized bed using the same kit-of-parts approach of wood panels for the frame, legs and headboard with modular aluminum joints to hold everything together.