You know how some people opt to live without furniture, not because they’re broke but because they’re either trying to live with fewer possessions or force themselves to do a lot more active sitting? Yeah, these customizable modular floor pillows are for people like that. Or maybe just people who really, really love to lounge around on the floor all the time. But maybe that’s you?
For the extreme minimalist (or the college student on a budget) these ZipZip floor cushions can be a cheap and easy alternative to the hassle of buying ordinary furniture. These floor pillow designs take it to the next level however as they can be zipped together to form ever-larger interconnected furniture pieces.

Propped in a corner these become ersatz seating by putting to modules together and wrapping one up the wall. Others have carved-out spaces that work as low-tech coffee tables or plant pots. You could even layer your entire floor with these modules to make a great kids playroom or make your own bed, couch or other furniture without too much effort.

While the end result may not be high-end interior design these would be great for when you have just moved into a new place and want to put something playful, functional and simple in the spaces of your new home or apartment.
Via Apartment Therapy, “Ping Collection’s ZipZip are upholstered cushions that look like gray clad oversized raviolis (I think I should have had more for lunch) which are connected with zippers on all four sides for whatever configuration you can imagine.

Countless possibilities to build nearly every situation of sitting or laying down comfortably are the result. Armchairs, couches, a carpet or a bed…there’s even one pillow shown with a square cutout for storage or to hold a planter. Price available upon request…which is often a polite way of saying, ‘This ain’t gonna come cheap, friend.'”