transforming convertible table chairs
While material and other fact-of-life limitations can be a necessary challenge to rigorously vet a design for real product and use, sometimes it is fun to simply see the possibilities of an experimental product that is not confined by those everyday obstacles – such as this modular converting table, chairs and storage unit idea.
transforming table chair storage furniture

Though each configuration is a simple and logical step from the one preceding it, there are a lot of flexible and moving parts to be accounted for in this project – not to mention ways of making things solid and sturdy despite their malleability.

This may, in the end, not be the most practical of all possible transforming furniture designs. Nonetheless, it is a fascinating experiment in twisting and turning a few simple modular components to see how many uses one can get from a limited set of constituent pieces. The above video illustrates the compelling potential of this design project – at least in theory.